VIP Activities

VIP activities are kindly proposed by the ESC for an extra 25€. VIP Activities will take place on Thursday, 31st August from 4pm (16h) to 6pm (18h). The VIP activities include:

  • The Space Hub: An area dedicated to testing Astronauts' skills. Play to find if you have the skills to join our team of Astronauts.
  • Space Tour: Our multimedia exhibition invites you to follow the footsteps of those who helped mankind discover our fascinating universe.
  • Mars Village: Be the first to tread the Martian soil. Habitat, exploration, daily life, rover driving, etc. How will you survive on Mars.
  • Marswalk and Moonwalk XP: Experience of sensation of Martian and Lunar gravity by trying out our seat equipped with a virtual reality mask.
  • Free Fall Slide: Experience the sensation of weightlessness with a free fall from 8 meter high.
  • Space Flight Unit: Fly over the red planet aboard your spacecraft. It's up to you to navigate the Martian canyons to complete your mission.
  • Space Rotor: Test your ability to resist centrifugal force in our Space Rotor. You'll be subjected to the g-forces like real astronauts.